osCmax 2.0.x Wholesale Contact Form

Ported from osCommerce, with 'Max specific instructions.
I was asked to do the port by a 'Max forum member and it didn't take too long, so it's presented here for anyone who cares to give it a go.
Non-osCmax-specific support will be limited, so you're better off looking to the original osC forums for this contribution version. Basically, it's a clone of the Contact Us page, with customisable fields via editing of the php files - I added a few notes to assist with this, in the readme file.

This contribution will likely have a limited lifespan due to the upcoming release of 'Max 2.5.

Download osCmax 2.0.x Wholesale_Inquiries

osCMax 2.0.xx Slimbox Upgrade

Slimbox is upgraded to version 2.04 and jQuery to 1.4.2 - minified versions of both are used, to improve performance.
Additionally, ten new configuration options are made available to the Admin. console. This enables the popup animation effects to be altered or indeed, disabled.

Download Slimbox Upgrade

osCMax Text Imprint

Ported from the osCommerce contribution of the same name, for osCmax 2.0.25

Hopefully a stop-gap measure to provide text input (should be implemented via Option Type Feature)

Download osCmax Imprint

For further information on the background of this modification, refer to the osCmax forum, searching for Option Type Feature (OTF) and/or Text Imprint.

Previously available for osCmax 2.5 though made available for a small donation - this is now withdrawn due to too many issues with it.

osCMax International Table Rate Shipping Module

Adds an additional Table Rate, so that the existing one can be used for domestic post and this one used for international.

Simple to install and modifies no existing files (adds entries to the configuration database table).

Download International Table Rate

osCMax First Plus Zones Shipping Module

Derived from the osCommerce module of the same name.

Made available for a small donation (say, £10 GBP) - just specify in the comments that you wish this file. A link will be supplied by email.

No guarantees or warranty of any kind. Donators get a free website link to them - just supply the link.

Continue reading osCMax First Plus Zones Shipping Module...

osCMax Product Cycle Slideshow

Based on Rokslide Show.

Download Slideshow

osCMax Phone Orders

Very simple to install module to allow customers to register, place an order, then phone to make payment.


osCMax Export Orders

Simple CSV table of orders.



If you appreciate the information/files provided here, then please...

osCMax Downloads

Some have now been incorporated into the main public release of this excellent ecommerce package.
Normally, it is advisable to check the osCMax forum for discussions about a particular contribution, as no (free) assistance is given here.

Files are presented here, mainly to

  • show ejsolutions' efforts to hopefully improve osCMax
  • try to encourage donations for the effort involved, inspiring further projects
  • provide a historic trace of contributions
  • (possibly) provide exclusive additions/contributions/hacks

In many cases a file here is based on previous work by contributors to both osCMax and osCommerce. Their credits/comments are normally left intact in the files, where appropriate.
As is the case with all Open Source software, by downloading/installing the supplied files you are taking full responsibility for their intended use. No warranties apply.

Image Resize using

Download the Tutorial
Geared for oscMax but easily adapted.

osCMax Information

The highly uprated version of osCommerce 2.2
"osCommerce with teeth"

osCMax 2.0.25 is the previous stable public release of the package.

It contains masses of bug fixes over previous releases, which pushes it well beyond the
standard installation of osCommerce. In addition, there have been a few feature enhancements, not least of which, to image handling capabilities.

With this release, the software has support for PHP 5.3, in addition to the more common PHP 5.2. This will provide compatibility with this programming language for
quite some time to come.

osCMax 2.0.25 Demo

As an osCMax Team Member and frequent forum 'helper', ejSolutions (aka Ridexbuilder) is able to provide a quality service for the installation and support of osCMax.

Though web design is not a core competence, ejSolutions can provide customised templates to give your site a unique look.

The main target of work, is in the efficient smooth running of the e-commerce aspects of your website - products, payments, orders, shipping/postage and other
business related matters.

My clients benefit from custom coding, often released to the osCMax community where appropriate.

osCmax 2.5 - the new era.

Substantial upgrades and alterations have been done with this version, at version 2.5.3 at time of writing. Clients are already realising the benefits from the 2.5 series release and its' rich feature set makes for a pretty complete webstore application. Image handling is further enhanced along with substantial additions/features to both front-end (store) and back-end (Admin.).

For people who wish to stay with the more stable release (and traditional osCommerce 2.2 look), an unofficial osCmax 2.0.35 can made available.

Click here for further info on osCmax and osCommerce in general.